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when a female is bent over and you see the vagina from the butt angle.
hey girl, bend ova and lemme see dat pussbutt!
by dgtab February 11, 2010
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Can happen to anyone . When a girl is riding her man and she's so wet that it drips down into his butt , or when a guy is fucking and her own cum drips down into her ass
Sex was amazing, but now I have pussbutt.....
Your breath smells like pussbutt....
Don't be a pussbutt.....
by S and A Fo Life October 14, 2017
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A term often used to describe a vagina or a butt hole. Can be used as an insult, compliment noun or pronoun. This may be the most usefull word ever.
Guy 1: Hey let's go to the club an get some pussbutt.
Guy2: Nah I'm gassy.
Guy 1: Man, don't be a pussbutt!
by Fuckin Dumptruck August 17, 2011
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