pronounced "pue-sea"

A Pusey is a term used for fat guys who have a very small penis.
So i hooked up with Lance last night he is deffently a "pusey".
by Lance Pusey September 22, 2007
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A piece of crap. A waste of oxygen... Tells cancer victims that he hopes they die, laughs at people as they die and films it. You can replace almost any term for excrement with his last name.
Ewww I stepped in Richard Paul Pusey.
That piece of Richard Paul Pusey.
I took a huge Richard Paul Pusey in the restroom, I wouldnt go in there for about 30-45 minutes.
by Someboody13 April 26, 2020
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A socially acceptable way to call someone an oxygen thieving cunt who doesn't deserve to live.

Named for grade A shit head richard pusey
by Thomas J. Louth April 23, 2020
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what that fuckboi will give u
-did you hear she’s got pusey salmonella??
-yeah man!! 😍😍
by poo poo man 420 September 04, 2019
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