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A special species of penguin that are bred to take over the world. If in season (November until april) purple penguins can normally be found at Wal Mart. Just ask to see the behind the counter merchandise. Can be bought wholesale or regular. Caution: purple penguins are demanding and attention needing. WANT TO CONQUER THE WORLD AND WILL NOT BE STOPPED. Use extreme caution when using spoons around purple penguins, seeing how spoons are their preferred weapon. Under no circumstance should you threaten, tease, or challenge a purple penguin!

Currently they have invaded Britain, eaten all the Canadians with spoons (after raping them with crayons), kidnapped all the kangaroos in Australia dressing them as santas (who invaded Brazil for the bananas, but were later disoened due to their loss in the world cup), shaved all the squirells in North America and used their furr to make moccasins for the Eskimo charity and coats in order to invade Russia for the vodka. They are said to be heading towards Switzerland (chocolate) or Belgium (waffles) next.
"why are we worshipping some damn purple penguin?"
"they conquered the world"
"wtf, how?"
"w/spoons of course"
by ninja gas July 05, 2006
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Something to fuck with someone's head, so as to lead them astray. Named for the mysterious purple penguin concept art Blizzard hid on their website prior to announcing Diablo 3.
Man, those pirates totally slipped us a purple penguin...we'll never find the secret treasure before them now.
by wetsun July 10, 2008
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a group of 4 people that first names starts with e,s,m,and a
The purple penguins worked hard on a project.
by brian January 14, 2005
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