the ability to retain a child-like demeanor despite becoming an adult
He has clearly lost his puppiness!
by peaceloveandpuppiness December 24, 2017
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The feeling of unbearable joy brought on by the appearence of puppies.
A fluffy, happy feeling of adorable joy from the undisputed masters of cuteness, puppies...
When the 3 labrador puppies woke up and started playing, I was overcome with a feeling of puppiness
by CyberElectric June 27, 2005
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Adorable 4 legged furry creature that will cure your loneliness and all of life's problems.
All puppies must be treated with compassion and a comfortable couch in the case of my puppy.
by A Human Male August 9, 2018
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Puppies are cute little things. They like to play and have fun well most of them. Puppies and dogs are both awesome
by Mangeldash April 1, 2018
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