A person who does all of the dirty work for another and gets no respect for it.
I'm a puppet and I do not like it.
by Ereck Flowers February 27, 2015
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When a private message is made public in order for one of the parties of the message to be chastised or humiliated by a group of people.

Posting instant message conversations in which one of the persons has ;owned' the other party making them seem ignorant so others can mock them as well.
John Doe was quite upset when the entire forum teased him because Jane Doe puppeted their cyber chat.
by IAMHERE2 May 20, 2009
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The act of inserting one's hand into the anus of another. Extreme variation of fisting, usually involving the forarm.
"Oh Jill, you've got a special glow about you today."
"Thanks Tracey, Billy has been puppeteering me like I was Miss Piggy."
by Reverend Raymond Giles November 08, 2006
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When you put all four fingers inside of a girls vagina and wriggle your fingers around, making the girl writhe,spasm, and move around.
I gave your sister the puppeteer last night and she almost fell off the side of the bed.
by Satanic Hispanic September 17, 2007
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1.High school skanks who let their 23 year old boyfriends insert their hands inside their nasty "vaginas" in a puppet like fashion.
And enjoy it.
And then tell all their friends.
So they become the subject of ridicule from Fetus Beaters.
"That skank is a real puppet"
-Fetus Beater
by Fetus and Seth October 05, 2006
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During group sex, inserting one or more fingers into the anus and/or genitals of 2 people at the same time. This act can be performed on 2 women, a woman and man, or 2 men. the person inserting his/her fingers is the 'puppet master', and the 2 receiving persons are the 'puppets'. can be used as a verb.
I had them on all fours and was puppeting them until they came.
by The High Lord Puppet Master September 18, 2009
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The act of inserting ones whole hand itno anothers anus like a puppet
Mikey puppeted me last night, hes so kinky

Me and Mary did puppeting last night, she really like when i "take control "
by Masterjasta April 19, 2020
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