baby, lover, boy/girl friend, shorty, hunny
'Hot Sexy Punkie, Me Punkie'
--Sean Paul
'Punkie' from 'Dutty Rock'
by LaLa January 2, 2004
shorty. hunny. baby. sugar. darling. etc...
"hot, sexy punkie. me punkie."-Sean Paul
by Anonymous March 8, 2003
run down, tired, worn out, dragging, on the verge of getting sick with the flu or cold

old San Francisco slang

when you're feeling punky, you aren't feeling up to par - you're run down feeling. Sometimes abbreviated as punk - i.e. feeling punk
"How you doing dude?"
"aw, I'm feeling punky today"

"I must be getting sick. I feel real punky"
by Sparky99 October 21, 2007
affection directed towards a punk
"hey, punky!"
by ravenMcCoy April 7, 2003
to be punk like or have punk style
man like like your jeans there, totally punky
by tearfulme666 July 21, 2009
Elle: Do you like my new top?
Bekky: yesh it is vewy punkiful
by Bekkyful April 25, 2005