2 definitions by bigtexansfan

1. An insane lying venomous puppet on the McCain ticket.

2. A far right cocksucking hypocrite, spewing moral value bullshit, all while her cumbucket daughter was serving up pube pie.

3. A dumb bitch who can't answer a straight question such as "Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?" (didn't know what that was) "What are your thoughts on the bail out package?" (went on with incoherent brainless babble that was totally erroneous to the question) "What magazines or publications do you read that form your views?" (couldn't name a single publication, not even just make one up, and took her 4 days to finally surface with a lame ass excuse obviously concocted by McCain campaign puppeteers)

4. Former mayor of the meth capitol of Alaska, which she left millions of dollars in depth, and a wolf wacking, moose mangling, loony gun nut.

Dude! This is like your 5th third rate community college already! Finish one for crying out loud!

Ok, ok, maybe this one will "Sarah Palin" me through.
by bigtexansfan October 9, 2008
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For someone of higher rank, power, status, and position to engage someone of much lesser and/or inferior rank, status, power, and position in debate and/or argument. Not limited to just status, power, position, and rank but can and often do include intellect, capability, competence, and acumen.
Oprah Winfrey didn't dignify Donald Trump's attack on her with a response because she doesn't believe in punching down.
by bigtexansfan February 20, 2018
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