1. Randomly adding people on facebook that you have never met in real life, especially girls that write on your friend's walls.

2. Constantly creeping people's profiles on facebook without reason, to the point at which a biography could be written about the person's life.

3. Having a random, and at times offensive, status on facebook.

4. Constantly declaring that you are a professional communicator and are supreme in the social realm.
"Dude, you added my girlfriend from Kansas! What the heck! Stop pulling a Collin!" - Person who had a collin pulled on them

"But bro, she wrote on your wall and her miniature profile picture made her look hot..." - Person pulling a collin

"SO... you and Kelly seem to be hitting it off pretty well.. I saw it on facebook." - Person pulling a Collin
by Wooden Stool March 18, 2008
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