Conning people into jumping on a bandwagon of undefinned issues follwed by broken promises.

Apologize for greatness and strength.

The spewing of warm fuzzy platitudes with no basis in fact, reality, meaning or ability to deliver.

AKA classic Bait and Switch M.O. or hypnosis of a grand order.
Pullin' an Obama: "Yes we can"....what? We can WHAT? WHEN can we? HOW MUCH can we spend?

My boss promised "Rosey days for our sales team if we provided results".
by ShaniquaD July 09, 2009
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Taking hard-earned possessions or monetary compensation away from one group of people, and giving them to their lazy, welfare-stealing counterparts.
That dude is going to take that guy's Rolex & give it to that drunk, homeless heroine dealer! He's pullin' an Obama.
by JerkinGerkin24 July 09, 2009
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Using your charisma to deceive others. AKA Player
Pullin an Obama Telling people on one coast one thing and another coast something else. Telling people that you wont raise taxes on incomes, but then raising taxes on everything else so you still have to pay more. Telling everyone you are going to run things from the middle, but still putting in the most liberal and socialistic agenda ever. Saying you have no relations to people, but actually they are the ones that got you started. Making 4 million and only donating $4,000.00 to charity. Complaining about the previous president's spending and multiplying his debt by 4 in the first 100days of office. Forgetting that you are half white and focusing on the black side, because that is what will get you the power you hunger for. Saying you are a loyal and faithful American, but going overseas and telling them how sorry you are and awful America is.
by Patriot13 July 10, 2009
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Facing a dire situation and keeping an even temperament as you roll up your sleeves and dig in to repair all the damage done by those who preceded you.
I was out for two weeks from work, and I come back to a disaster at the office. Bad choices were made, nothing appropriate was getting done, and now I have to fix it all. Time to start Pullin' an Obama.
by Raziaar July 10, 2009
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