stinky shiny substance..usually found seeping uncontrollably from a pudgy coot.
Don't touch that, there's alot of pudy on it!
I oughta pudywhack you!
Zach smells like pudy. After riding the puffpuff train.
by puff puff train masters April 02, 2005
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teri maa di pudi : yo mamas dirty stank ass ho pussy
by Anonymous September 03, 2003
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1. female genitalia 2. vagina 3. an organ that realeases hot fresh juice when exited
the men at the beach were surprised at the selection of pudi that were available.
by Robert Gradin May 24, 2007
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A scary, homocidal maniac who kills people as a form of entertainment and/or on impulse.
Meanwood annoyed Jonny so much that they brought the Pudi out in him. He drove them off of the road.
by Pistolised January 01, 2011
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a large black man with a gargantuan penis (has to be at least 10inches long with a girth of at least 5 inches)who has a bevy of bitches around him and an insatiable sexual thirst
i wish i was just as big and black as pudi
by sno October 22, 2004
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a term describing some phat/creamy ass pussy usually slang for black people
Guy1: yo bro I just scored some tight ass pudie
Guy2: damn bro
by BigPudie833 June 17, 2018
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1. a term describing a mix between a punk and a rudie. Usually refers to a person that thinks ska is punk or any of that other madness.

2. a sell out
1. That pudie that was trying to say that ska came from reggae earlier was moshing in the skank pit.

2. He quit his ska band and started listening to pudie music.
by King Taco May 23, 2005
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