a teen who is oddly attracted to hockey girls and honestly obsesses over them in every way possible
“she really is a puck bunny. she went after the whole team.”
by fuckymeeeeee December 17, 2019
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someone who wants to have sex with Tyson the best goaly in the world...
I would love to be Tysons puck bunny
by stormy February 11, 2004
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It's the same as a "puck slut". It's a girl who fucks only hockey players or the whole hockey team.
That girls such a puck bunnie, she slept with the whole hockey team.
by Brie615 December 10, 2013
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a girl that goes to hockey games hoping to score with one of the players
"That girl is only at the game to scope out the guys. She's such a puck bunny"
by Brittany*HI-YO April 28, 2006
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A "hockey fan," usuaully female, who only likes the sport because they hope to/already slept with the players on a team, and generally knows nothing about it. Or pretty much any girl that only like the Penguins because they have Sidney Crosby.
What's you favorite thing about hockey?
The hott players.
You're such a puck bunny.

If the Penguins ever trade Crosby, I won't like them anymore.
Puck bunny.
by Benji. April 19, 2007
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Stupid hoes that go to hockey games just to watch the players when they actually don't understand anything that's going on. Can also be referred to as puck sluts.
Fan 1: Hey, you enjoy the game last night?
Fan 2: I tried to, but all the puck bunnies kept cheering at the wrong times and making catcalls.
Fan 1: Damn those sluts.
by AsDfGhJkL;'ZxCvBNst#wbfj December 29, 2011
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1.) A hockey term used to describe a girl who sits around at the ice rink during games and practices, flirts with the players, and tries to act like she knows the game but has no idea what is going on 90% of the time. Puck bunnies usually have no purpose to be at an ice rink other than to try and get porked in the locker room. You can spot one by glancing at the bleachers and seeing a girl in leggings, some form of slutty shirt and/or some type of hockey jersey.

2.) A hockey term used to describe a players girlfriend who is always at the games. She usually roots on the team while also supporting her man.
1.) Andrew: Did u see Corina at the rink today watching us practice?
Jason: Yeah. I don't get why she sits here all the time, she's not bad looking but what's her purpose?
Andrew: She's a puck bunny bro, she wants to feel your hockey stick in here goal.

2.) Jason: Where's your puck bunny at Joe?
Joe: She's in the car she will be here in a sec.
by jason906906 November 28, 2015
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