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from canadian slang. a woman who goes to hockey games for the sole purpose of fucking one of the players.
having gang-banged the entire Sudbury Wolves roster, Tammy earner the label "puck bunny"
by lungpig June 18, 2003
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A female, typically in her late teens to early 30s (but it can go lower) who attends hockey games, not to see a well fought game, or to see 2 goons duke it out, but just to look at the studly hockey players in the hoping that one night they'll roll over and see them in their bed, or in his bed, and has little or no interest in the sport or the score, and when a hockey player is brought up in coversation, will commonly use the words "tight, cute, sexy, ass, arms, shoulders" at any point in 1 sentence.
by Paul February 06, 2004
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Stupid hoes that go to hockey games just to watch the players when they actually don't understand anything that's going on. Can also be referred to as puck sluts.
Fan 1: Hey, you enjoy the game last night?
Fan 2: I tried to, but all the puck bunnies kept cheering at the wrong times and making catcalls.
Fan 1: Damn those sluts.
by AsDfGhJkL;'ZxCvBNst#wbfj December 28, 2011
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person that watches hockey to sleep with the players. knows nothing about the sport and comes to the rink in skanky clothes.
last night, shanny brought home that puckbunny that's been hanging out by the bus after games.
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
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a girl that goes to hockey games hoping to score with one of the players
"That girl is only at the game to scope out the guys. She's such a puck bunny"
by Brittany*HI-YO April 28, 2006
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A "hockey fan," usuaully female, who only likes the sport because they hope to/already slept with the players on a team, and generally knows nothing about it. Or pretty much any girl that only like the Penguins because they have Sidney Crosby.
What's you favorite thing about hockey?
The hott players.
You're such a puck bunny.

If the Penguins ever trade Crosby, I won't like them anymore.
Puck bunny.
by Benji. April 19, 2007
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n., usually a female, in her teens or young 20s who could care less what the score of a hockey game is. Void any girl who plays hockey herself. Also, a female who may not attend the games, but the parties instead, and hooks up with a guy just because he plays hockey.
Brooke's not a puck bunny, she plays hockey and has only ever hooked up with one of them! Megan, on the other hand...
by Weeohhh November 05, 2006
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