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A hockey whore is a girl who sleeps with as many hockey players as possible, often spreading crotch critters throughout the team. This is not a "puck bunny" who actually dates the players before screwing them or a "hockey bunny" who is a girl who actually knows something about the game and rarely has a sexual relationship with a player.
Watch out for Tina, she's a hockey whore.
by Uncle Andy 25 December 09, 2005
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A hockey whore is a girl that only dates hockey boys because she has an attraction to only them
Girl 1 : “ why do people call you a hockey whore ?

Girl 2: “ because I only date guys who play hockey”

Girl 1: “ why?”
Girl 2 : “ I just find hockey boys wayyyy hotter
by Suckmyduckuglyasshoe January 14, 2019
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