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A permanent drooping of the upper eyelid!
So if your camping and your best friend sharts in your face, is it a ptosis or a pink eye causing illness?

I think if people don't let the things they dislike about thier lives out it will cause ptosis and we'll all look like zombies of the Apocolypsius any way!

Adam stole eve's fig leaves or thrion to see what her undercarage was looking like, thus creating what we now call sexy time. The man said, "damn girl my oscar myere will fit your hull slot. Lets give it a shot and see what happens!" Then they be damned and became human naturalists that both ate the apple because they were famished from all that sweatin' on each other. Then ptosis set in her eys and he was like, "Darn why the heck did we eat it all?" Then eve looked at Adam and exclaimed, "Darling, your hot dog wanted to see how deap my hull darkened abyss went to! From thier only God knows! Now, I have these saggy eyes they call bags and your middle twig soes me no justic and just flopps around like a beached water mokasin with no attention span, us be darned."

See, women talk so much it gives thier men ptosis too, were all screwed!
by menticideWasher'sRus June 13, 2010
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