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"Post Tits Or Leave" Commonly used in the INDUSTRIAL room on soulseek when noobs refuse to gtfo after being told UTSEF. Usually directed at females who migrated to the INDUSTRIAL room from the goth room.
{firebloomedfromfrost} you guys are really cool
{firebloomedfromfrost} i'm drunk and stoned can you tell me some good bands that aren't nsbm?
{Ugegi Aoiveae A Ser} {firebloomedfromfrost} you gays are really cool
{jimgoose} PTOL KAMAN
{fritzkrieg} ew, udders
by Fritzkrieg February 17, 2006
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A made up word invented by ME!! for the purpose of annoying people on UrbanDictionary for no reason.
Ptols will annoy you very mcuh.
by ME!! January 26, 2005
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