sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature. (noun)
Emily: Wow, I think I can read your mind, I must be psycho!
Orla: I think so too.
by StapletonsCrowd March 7, 2008
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if the others look okay, your it!

what determines who they commit,
is not what your thoughts are,
but what you admit.
hold your thumb up to the sun,then you can see the bastards flying around it. with a tiny peice of mirror the ghosties reveal themselves to only you. they want you to join
by carolnick July 26, 2004
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anyone who listens to psychobilly music, which is usually a mix of punk and rockabilly, often don't understand the roots of what they are doing and just try to have the most tattoos and the highest pomp
He's a psycho who plays upright bass in that new band downtown
by $ally August 2, 2007
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N. One who displays violent or anti-social behavior, often attributed to mental instability or personality defect.
Jim is known as Sergeant Death because he's a total psycho.
by Naughtius Maximus May 8, 2005
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"oh no! the psycho is knocking at my door! I told him it's over but he ain't gonna leave me alone!"
by refresh button July 11, 2008
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A person who, or organization that, is so obsessed with something that they believe it to be the only right/correct/proper/acceptable thing, believes that their way is never wrong nor does anything wrong, believes all other ways are wrong/evil/misguided/unacceptable and seeks to shove their belief down your throat because they believe you are in need of being educated, converted, saved, etc. They are always close-minded and unable to think for themselves. They simply follow and try to spread whatever screwed-up ideology they were too weak-minded to save themselves from.
That guy's a psycho-patriot.

He's a psycho-american.

They're psycho-christians.

I have psycho-parents.

That's a psycho-religion.

We don't engage in psycho-politics.

Disclaimer: Not all patriots, Americans, Christians, religions or parents are psycho. They were simply used as examples because some of them are psycho.
by Name: Anonymous July 23, 2008
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A crazy person who just cannot control his/her feelings.
Ashley J.K. is a psycho. Whenever someone talk about her she throws down whatever shes holding and screams.
by UrbanAsian2.0 January 6, 2011
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