Inactive followers on a social network. The term "ghosties" is mostly used on Instagram or Twitter.
"I have so many ghosties on Instagram!"
by paradisedallas June 22, 2014
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Fucking Some Ones Cat To Death. Derived From a Boy On Discord Named Ghosty How Likes To Fuck his Cat. Can Also Be Used In Ghosty,Ghostying And Ghostyed.
Person 1:Yo i was Ghostying my cat

Person 2: you sick fuck
by Mr nick52 July 13, 2021
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When you take a shit and wipe but the paper comes off clean. Often referred to as a "clean pinch".
Dude 1 : Man it's cool when you have a clean pinch after a huge shit.
Dude 2 : Don't you mean a Ghostie
by MANIAC!? December 28, 2013
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The remander of gas in which you don't inhale from a bong
have the ghostie dale
by Nathan April 04, 2004
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The act of having intercourse with a feline (or any other animal), causing it to die.

Derived from a person on the Discord platform.

Past tense: Ghostyed
3rd person present: Ghostys
Present participle: Ghostying
Person 1: Bro, I might just ghostying your cat tomorrow. Watch out.
Person 2: WHAT
by Banana Joseph 1 July 20, 2021
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When after you have a shit and wipe your ass the toilet paper is still white.
I just did the dirtiest crap but had a ghostie afterwards.
by Natus January 11, 2005
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