Short for "precious," meaning extremely cute.
That puppy is so prosh! Look at his adorable brown eyes.
by magic8ball December 27, 2005
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a group of losers that act like losers inside there own group to feel cool, but to others outside there group, seem like the biggest losers u you have ever met. these people tend to hang round in clusters and have a token girl amongst many guys. can be distinguished by constant quotes of comedies. ie family guy, simpsons, american dad etc.
a person that wears a helicopter hat thinking that they are being cool but are just being prosh.
by qazwsxedcqweasdzxcas March 21, 2009
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A pitiful excuse for a newspaper written by "woke" degenerate university students to raise money for charitable organisations, Prosh can be found in gutters, rivers and kitty litter boxes after unsuspecting buyers realise how shit the publication actually is.
Prosh Editor: "Would you like to buy a Prosh?"

Any other human: "Take the donation and hang onto the paper"
by manicbotanic January 24, 2022
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the sassiest, most fierce group of girls around. no one can handle them.
Look at those sassy proshes strutting down the street.
by Pseudonymz12345 February 7, 2011
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Prosh: abbreviation of precious, cute, adorable.
Half-Prosh: Half cute, having some cute characteristics, cute but odd.
The duck billed platypus is only half-prosh. He looks like a beaver with a strap-on duck bill.
by Jon Whitwwell December 22, 2007
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A fantastic contest of wit, strength and drinking skills. A great way to make friends and have fun!
You should do Prosh, it is the best part of university!
by CapGal22 November 23, 2021
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