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Avoiding being productive by consuming food even when one is not hungry, or waiting until after a future meal to start working. A procrastin-eater is victim of this detrimental phenomenon.
"I'd really like to take you out; want to get some ice cream?"
"Well, I'm not interested in you, but I love procrastin-eating, so why not?"
"Oh, ok."
by Sexy syntax December 08, 2005
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The consumption of food undertaken to avoid a dull or arduous task, irrespective of hunger levels or the time of day.
Mark: Man, this History paper's taking me forever...I could go for some Guacamole and Spicy Salsa dip on crackers...
John: Dude, you ate lunch half an hour ago. Quit ProcrastinEating and get back into it!
by Aimless2695 October 25, 2009
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The art of eating when not hungry to avoid doing a task eg: assignments, housework, report writing.
Hey Sam did you finish the assignment last night?" "No buddy, I was too busy procrastineating
by Princess Phoebe May 12, 2011
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when one eats an amount of food disproportionate to their body weight for the main purpose of avoiding work that needs to be done
mom: billy why did you get a C on the math test
billy: oh not much mom, i was just procrastineating the night before sorry mom
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by wrongwaywilson October 24, 2017
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Procrastinating through the act of consuming edible materials such as the Snack or Quick Bite.
'The essay was too terrible to face, so she resorted to procrastineating.
by Kyasarin January 03, 2009
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Putting off something important such as writing a paper or studying to scavenge the fridge for food and eating. Common cause of weight gain in college.
If I need to get something done, I have to go to the library or I will waste all my time procrastineating.
by JeradS April 21, 2011
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