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vulgar verb

verb: procrastifuck; 3rd person present: procrastifucks; past tense: procrastifucked; past participle: procrastifucked; gerund or present participle: procrastifucking

to procrastinate task(s) with sexual activity; put off doing something with fucking.


early 21th century: portmanteau of procrastinate and fuck.
I procrastifucked last Friday evening with my girlfriend, and didn't get any work done.
by Meyer Lemon September 26, 2017
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A carton, usually a half-gallon, of ice cream or frozen custard commonly purchased at a corner convenience store or local gas station.
Chandler: I can't believe Matt ate that entire procrastifuck since last night!

Kenyon: Well, he is a matt.

Chandler: Yea, he fucking chandlered that procrastifuck like none other!

Kenyon: Well, I'm too tall, muscular, smart and very witty to do that.
by DEEZEGUYZ February 04, 2010
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