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To engage in deep and meaningful thought, through use of concentration on the breath through the proboscis, as per meditation
'This is indeed a predicament we will have to probosculate upon'
by WillieVanillie November 15, 2006
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To intrude upon a matter, particularly where the intrusion is uninvited. In simpler terms, "to stick one's nose into" or "to meddle".
"It is indeed a problem for us to probosculate upon." --Dr. Teeth, The Muppet Movie
by TheDictionaryDiva December 03, 2013
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v. -- To think deeply whilst (and this is important) scratching the tip of one's nose
The action was actively demonstrated by the Muppets character Dr Tooth, when he said, "This is indeed a problem of heavy-duty proportions. We must probosculate upon it."
by Phthllanfar July 30, 2015
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