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To do something or play a sport by cheating, being physically agressive and otherwise trying to win at all costs.
'Oh... oh I see. You playin' by prison rules huh? Ok my man, let's see how you handle my shit now!'
by Ray Babycakes July 20, 2006
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When men are in an enclosed environment for too long the urge to satisfy their carnal needs sometimes turn to taking a male partner to satiate their desire. Prison Rules dictate that the receiver is gay and the pitcher is straight.
Andy Dufresne: Yeah. The funny thing is - on the outside, I was an honest man, straight as an arrow.
Red: But that was before the incident in the laundry...according to prison rules you're a gay man now Andy.
by Colonel_Blimp December 26, 2016
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After winning a contest of skills, a prisoner or an alpha male yells "Prison Rules, pussy" and then the loser of the contest becomes his prison bitch.
*Shamar beats Jayquan in an arm wrestling match* Shamar yells "Prison Rules, pussy!" And then shamar knows that he's getting fucking in those showers tonight.
by Lord McQuiad October 10, 2016
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