A particularly under rated car made by nissan, the 1.6's powered through the front wheels by a GA16DE producing around 100 BHP and the rarer GT or eGT models powered by the fantastic SR20DE producing approximately 150 BHP

the 1991 to 1996 P10 model is the best handling and lightest of the primera's ;-)
my primera owns your shitty corsa.
by geeayare December 27, 2005
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A gang located in southwest Houston.The gang color is white.The gang is all over the SW but most of the members reside in 90st A.K.A Beechnut and 7400 A.K.A Bissonet.The rival gangs are SWC,LTC,SUR13,MS. The schools were the majority of the member went or are still in are Sharpstown Middle School and Sharpstown High School.
What you claim La Primera 90st
by Lil'Yo June 20, 2006
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Primera Air is a below average airline company that specialises in poor customer service. They are known for frequently ignoring emails and phone calls, in addition when customers do finally get through to Primera they end the call. Primera are also well known for refusing to pay customers compensation.

Primera Air are also known to be pathological liars.
I would never fly with Primera Air

Primera Air are ignoring my emails again

Primera Air have delayed my flight by 10 years
by Se6ox September 19, 2018
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La Primera Gang. Founded in the 90's around northern virginia. Our colors represented with White & Black. We also symbolize our members with Lp cross tatooed, which is a rank earned. It was founded by Hispanics but it is not a racial gang. Its members are mainly Hispanics but also mixed with other ethnicity such as; Black, Asians, and Whites.

La Primera from Va has nothing to do with Lp from Sureno set. Its not affiliated with no one. Tiny Malditos from west joined lil putos from east and formed La primera into one gang. Our mainn rivals are, SSL, MS, and Mara Li.
La Primera is still around, still alive.
gang La Primera
by Yu, member of Lp November 20, 2010
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A person, usually a boy, that pretends to act mature and responsible when, in fact, has not grown any pubic hairs. Tends to run away from responsibilities, problems, and obligations. Has a tendency to also deny his immaturity. Literal translation to english--first rate boy
He isn't a man, he is a CHAMACO DE PRIMERA!!
by LOUPS July 29, 2009
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