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The GA16DE is an engine made by nissan that was put into some cars such as the 200sx, Sentra, Pulsar, and others. It comes as a Dual Overhead cam engine, with a 1.6L capacity. it is mostly seen with a 4speed Automatic Transmission, but sometimes comes with a 5 speed manual. The engine cranks out around 115-130 hp, and is known for lasting for a long fucking time. There have been reports of this engine, when well cared for, lasting over 500,000 miles.
Ricer-Hey dude, did you see that badass Sentra over there? Too bad its got a shitty GA16DE in it.
Tuner- Dude, what the fuck. /facepalm. The GA16DE is an awesome engine. Sure, the SR20DE/T is more powerful, but the GA16DE lasts forever. Get your fucking facts straight you ricer.
by sentra10100 April 11, 2011
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