A small child who is shorter in stature in comparison to her younger sister
Guy: Hey, is that chick an allred?

Guy 2: Damn straight
by 894893489348934bill September 29, 2009
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stupid piece of Frick. that I hope dies bc she is a slut and a menace to the human race go Frick urself izzy, u are a bimbo u dubass retarted muslim
hey u guys see izzy Allred she's passed out on the side of the road getting a Weiner up the a hole
by kids named luke penis September 26, 2021
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Raised in Bastrop, Louisiana, Staci Nicole Allred (she goes by Nicole) now resides in Choudrant, Louisiana: a small town in the middle of BFE. She attends Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts and will graduate in 2012. BEWARE OF NICOLE; she is a vampire. She will not bite her friends, but is not partial to strangers or enemies.
You better watch out, or you'll be bitten by Nicole Allred!
by louisianaschoolliberator December 08, 2010
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