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When two people who are essentially the same talk out of their asses for a few hours, in order to create the illusion of democracy. Always the two people the media want you to vote for, not neccesarily the best candidates. All third-party candidates are physically locked out of the debates. Because of this, American politics has degenerated into a puppet show.
There's one guy holding up both puppets. ;)
by matt November 20, 2004
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A couple of Satan-worshipers sittin up there trying to convince us all how "Christian" they are.
ROFLMMAO- ^__^ lolol...
by joke October 13, 2004
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A presidentila debate is a debate between two most-likely presidenttial candidates. The objest of a debate like this, is to have the best lies, how many lies you have, and the efficiency of your lies.
This year, Hilary Clinton clearly lied 10 times better than Barack Obama. Therefore she won this years Presidential Debate.
by Harrison Talbot April 19, 2008
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