Preps are snoby bitches that can go fuck themselves. I have to say that because they are. They only care about themselves and talk shit about there own best friends. Their the ones that will be nice to your face and then talk shit about you behind your back. They think their all that and that everybody loves them and wants to be them. But thats not the case. I think its safe to say that nobody likes preps and people would never want to lower them selves that low. They think that what they wear is "cool" but really its gross. they wear the pants that are to small and then they have this discusting roll of fat hanging from the sides.
" Like, omg! that gurl z wearing, like, the most hidious outfit, he he."
by Kara McConnachie May 05, 2005
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A group of fucking small minded idiotic slutty girls who think they are better than everyone else and go around talking about how hot some guy is or how non popular Emily is. They usually wear clothes that reveal their dry vaginas and flat chest. They usually listen to pop music such as Avril Lavinge and Good Charlotte and call themselves "PUNK ROCKAZ". They also over use "OH MY GOD" and "LIKE".
prep named amy: LYK OMG BRAD PITT IS SO HOT

other prep named jenna: LYK OMG I AGREE

Me: Shut the fuck up you stupid teenybopper bitches.
by Blahb April 06, 2005
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bitches that think they're better than eveyone else
Those preps are always freakin' perfect.
by Annabeth September 18, 2006
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The bitches that talk behind your back, yet are very genial when in close contact with you. They often wear Aberzombie & Bitch, American Eagle, AERO, and my least favorite because it makes me look like a motherfucking traffic cone, Hollister. They usually are very ignorant, they spend $120 on ripped jeans, while you can go to walmart and buy ok jeans and fuck them up yourself. They usually will be the people talking shit about their 25 best friends behind their backs. They sometimes are in advanced/gifted classes yet most of them lack a brain or they have one and are unable to use it.
Prep 1: LyKe oMg I jUsT bRoKe mY nAiL!
Prep 2: I lYkE jUsT mAdE oUt wItH tHe sTaR qUaRtErBaCk!

Me: Stfu stupid preps!!!!!! And quit talking about guys who will never dump you within 5 days. Get a life!!!!!
by andy the fucking mandy April 03, 2008
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An intelligent, well-rounded person who wears classic brands like Polo, Lacoste, Lilly, Vineyard Vines, etc. They have pastimes such as tennis, sailing, skiing, lacrosse, rugby, horseback riding, and more. A true preppy visits the East Coast annually and has a house on Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. They meet other preppies at yacht clubs and country clubs. Preppies are seen almost anywhere, but generally cling to warmer climates. A real preppy is not rude, snobby or unwelcoming at all, they are just stereotyped because of their affluence, rather a true prep is generous and caring, and above all: the funnest type to meet. Preppies travel year-round, prefferably to Europe. England is a favourite, a home to the majority of preps in the world. A prep always has a dog as a faithful companion, especially: Spaniels, English Setters, Golden Retrievers, Irish Setters, Nova Scotias, and others from the sporting group. The preppy house is elagantly decorated in a traditional manner. A preppy drives mainly a 2008 Jaguar for its classic looks. A preppy's wardrobe contains a wide assortment of polos, rugbys, embroidered pants and shorts, twill coats, and knit argyle sweaters. A prep's clothes a worn for decades, or until they fall apart. They love color, especially pink and green. Preppies are great people, and that is why I am one.
"I am going sailing today, would you care to join?
"Fancy that! I am in quite the mood for some sailing."
"Come to the dock half past two and we can embark on our trip. Bring along Molly, too."
"Great. I will see you then. A great preppy way to spend a Sunday."
by Islander on the Vineyard November 09, 2012
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Derived from prepatory - a completely different meaning to the word prep meaning home work in countries such as the UK - A prep has now become an extremely infamous label, many "preps" seem to be oblivious to that fact, but the term is still used, usually in spite of other people in forms of jealousy or hatred. Supposedly the definition of a prep is being complete hoebag with no sense of individuality whatsoever who is "out to get everybody".

Is usually completely self centered and is extremely conceited. Creates problems for other "clicks" "types" "groups" etc... by being completely slutty bitchy up themselves etc... etc...
Can be recognized by stupidity, illiteration, use of crappy language, using words such as "like" and "oh my god" and "totally" 10-40 times in one sentence, obsession to apply lip gloss 456 times in the span of 5 minutes, amount of money held in ONE purse, expensive and "preppy" clothes such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister, Armani Exchange etc... , their desperation to keep slim ( aka anorexia nervosa )

Other Comments: Is very intent on being up to date with the latest gossip and bitching around the whole school, is very popular, usually hangs out with a clique of friends and/or has a posse of which will include 2-4 other clones, has connections with absolutely anybody and everybody with a high popularity reputation, Loves "cute" things but are actually completely bitchy.
Is usually anticipated to have sex. Is very worried about looks and style and if one is wearing enough make up, Is usually constantly using peroxide and tweezers. Most of the time, the prep will be a platinum blonde. Usually dates jocks/football players etc...
hated by most other labels such as goths nerds punks loosers druggies etc...
Blonde: LyKe OHMYGOD! I lyke so totally lyke, broke an nail lyke totally.
Blonde 2: oh my god you are so totally kidding me?!

Blonde: OH MY GOD!!
Blonde 2: lyke what?
Blonde: oh my god I just so totally ate a lyke frikken chocolate bar. thats lyke omg a trillion calories.
Blonde 2: oh my god you are so totally kidding me!?

Blonde: OH MY GOD
Blonde 2: OH MY GOD lyke WHAT?
Blonde: oh my god did you know that Mike actually had sex with Megan? Oh my god she is so totally pregnant.
Blonde 2: OH MY GOD you are so totally kidding me!?
by lalalalalalalalala February 18, 2005
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A prep, contrary to the beleif of some "Adult Preps", is a self centered, usually blonde or light brunette, male or female who thinks that they are perfect in every way, and that the world revolves around them. Most preps speak with phrases such as 'Like' all the time. Females usually so OMG as a shortened way of sayng Oh My God, usually because a) they are too lazy because everything in life has been handed to them or b) their too tired from screwing the football team or the cheerleaders last night. Preps usually wear overpriced clothes and listen to the most in music. Common types of preppo clothing are Abercrombie&Fitch, AE, or anything else name brand.

Male preps are usually called Jocks, and hang out in medium to large sized groups of 3 to 5. A typical Jock's goal in life is to be captain of the football team or quarterback. Most Jocks like pushing smaller people around, or people that they think are weak or small. They like to insult anybody who talks to them unless he/she is another prep/jock.

Female preps hang out in tight Cliques, and some are so dumb that they think that they're african-american or black, and use typical black slang in casual conversation. They can be seen texting or talking for long periods of time on their cell phones, most of which they personalize with stick-on gems and markers. Females are more prone to use 'like' constantly.

Britney: Omg Hayyyyy Lindsay did you see that nerd over there? He was like, totally checking me out. Chuh, idiot.

Lindsay: I know. Like, what a freaking geek

*Both laugh their stupid, high pitched laughs*

Nerd: Chuck..the Prep over there? Sooo... hot.

Other Nerd: *laughs* yeah... I'd like to play Dr.Spock with her!

*both laugh, then use inhalers*
by DinasourFlavouredIceTea March 25, 2009
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