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Part 1: Lifestyle
Part 2: Clothes style
Part 3: What we can expect

Introduction: 1st and foremost, I am NOT a prep and am opposed to all preps, whatever their form -- wannabe, Southern, NE, hardcore... I am clarifying the definition of Southern preps that are mentioned and excluded here. I fully intend to bash the preppiness of the society I have been forced to...reside in? ...suffer through?

Part 1: Lifestyle

Preps in the south -- Georgia, mainly -- are all about family, wealth, parties, and themselves. The *family* does everything together -- the Catholic percentage goes to church regularly, together, to feign their holy togetherness. The nonreligious faction hosts and attends weekly to monthly family parties, at which the youngest of the members run around, eat, drink, and act cute for the parents, while the preteens try to emulate the teens -- in *maturity* -- and the teens sit around and drink/chat daintily: hot topics of conversation include their future fraternities/sororities, their daily preppy adventures, what parties they are going to soon, and how much they love life, and what "toys" they want (ie CDs, clothes, bags, electronics, cars). They love gossip, and revel in it, especially comparing their wealth to others'. At such gatherings, preppy parents discuss upcoming sports/social events, gush over their kids' awards, their high-paying jobs, which usually include working as a doctor, Delta employee, or some office position, and sometimes their daily shopping excursions.
At school, SPs love to talk. The hardcore SP crowd spends classes, recess, lunch, afterschool -- TALKING. They are completely unaffected by teachers' warnings and yet take their punishments angrily.
Prep/preppy girls have created a questionably "hot", pink-drenched/color coordinated, conformist, ultra-gossipy stereotype for southern females that testifies to their ditzy fakeness. No teacher who knows about this "characteristic" takes girls seriously.
Preppy boys are all jocks -- if not, they're either good-looking, talkative, trendy, superficial *tolerable* guys. They are usually quite crude and love discussing girls and their, er, *parts*.
Preps are fake, insulting, stupid -- ie idiotic in the *BAD* way. Any and all preps will forever be unwelcome in my good opinion.

*email me at to talk more. i dedicate this definition to "haywood jablowme" -- yes, i know how it sounds -- and i ask the person behind this name to email me, as a fellow anti-preppist. you can see some HJ's awesome work at chuck taylors definitions.*
she is such a prep -- i cannot believe she completely sold out with that pink t-shirt, matching pink belt, and jeans set! and she's been talking to kelly ALL DAY! she's *so* gonna get tutorial.
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