3 definitions by Daniella Violet

Short for when one is in a predicament, commonly used with Animals in Predicaments.
ARTICLE "Guy decides to feed a stray dog but the dog decided not to eat the food and bring it somewhere else"
*family provider predic*
by Daniella Violet September 24, 2018
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Shorthand for "please kill me right now" often with texting and intended with sarcastically
-Dude check out Jacob Sartorius' new song
by Daniella Violet November 06, 2016
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When you use your use your parents as an excuse not to go somewhere
Violet- "Hey how did you get out of that date?!"
Dani- "I told him that my mum wouldn't let me go out"
Violet- "Ahhh pulled a parenter"
by Daniella Violet July 09, 2016
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