Power has many meanings. Power #1: Is where the electricity or power has run out and you must turn the power back on, or Power #2: This power is where you have the ability to do something no one else can do. (None of us have powers i dont think) O_O
Power #1: Ugh! The power is out because the thunder must have hit the electricity line,
Power #2: I have the power to make it rain dogs and cats!
by BananaPudding13 January 15, 2017
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Ali- "where did u get those power sneakers bro?"
Danbrown- "oh i got em at footlocker."
by straight ass teeth September 12, 2007
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The Act of Pooping and then Showering after, all in one bathroom visit.
Boss: “why were you late?”
You: “I had a ton of taco bell before bed and when I woke up, Instead of just showering, I had to poop before!”
Boss: “Oh so you were late because you had to Power!”
You: “Power?”
Boss: “Ya’Know Power, Pooping and Showering equals Power
You: “Yeah I guess you could call it that.”
Boss: “Next, time just let me know, taking a power is always a valid excuse!"
by tbob15cp October 23, 2011
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street name for 2c-p, a psychedelic that lasts twice as long as acid.
Boy: hey you want some acid?
Girl: nah fool ive been power tripping all day
by Lookmaan Islam March 25, 2011
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