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The power couch is a couch in the middle of KG's living room, it is where you sleep when you need to start rocker's training...
"Go ahead, you can sleep on the power couch, your training starts tomorrow.. At the crack of noon!"
by Kris Muiller April 27, 2007
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A special couch for two very special people.

Designed for lazing, sitting, lying and/or flopping.

Very large and leathery but only fits two people for some reason. More than two, results in anti-power couch. (not good)

A power couch may bring bouts of happiness and 'frisky' behaviour in some individuals. Others experience drowsiness, resulting in inappropriate public naps. (One person usually on top on the other.)

The two special people may designate their own personal power couch, usually in a bar, restaurant, or a more private sector such as at their home.

The purpose of the power couch differs according to each couple.

If primary power couch is not available, a secondary one is named to temporarily replace it. (not permanently)
But it is not the same.

If couple indulge in excessive 'flopping', the vicinity of their power couch is called A Flop Shop.

In general, a Power Couch will result in the couple starting in an upright position, but due to the comfy nature of the leather as well as other factors, the couple end up either lying on the couch, or on each other.

Mainly used for cuddling.
Similar to a Love seat, only much larger.
'want to go to Power couch?'
'of course.'

'I wish power couch were free right now, i really want to sit with you.'

'I miss power couch.'

'I love our power couch.'

by Whaleperson May 03, 2010
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