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To make a joke on someone, then to rub it in their face how extremely salty they are by going "pow pow pow" and making gun pistols with your hands.
1. Hahaha olga you dont get shotgun, get in the back bitch! pow pow pow!
2. That girl is soo ugly, pow pow pow!
3. Allison just admitt that you have herpes and no friends, pow pow pow!
3. Broke ya neck bitch! pow pow pow
by bweezy506 May 03, 2009
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"Angela wants Ariana to sleep over tonight."
"Well she can't because she has to go go on vacation with her family for a while."
"Pow Pow Pow"
by oewoiruweoiruwe March 30, 2010
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What you say when you inflict repeated injurious acts upon another. Most commonly used for repeated punching or repeated shooting.
"Hey stop shooting me with that."
by the letter d July 27, 2007
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