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Pacific Northwest slang, traditional Puget Sound area, Eastern Washington, Oregon. A party. From Chinook Jargon "potlach", to give, a gift, an event where many gifts were given.
We're having a potlatch this weekend, adults only.
by Nadja Adolf August 28, 2003
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That feeling when you attend an event and have a great time but then when you arrive home and look at social media you get FOMO because you missed so much at the event you attended.
Man I had such an amazing time at the fest this weekend but then ยกboom! massive potlatch when I got home and saw all Jim's photos on Instagram.
by potlatch_guy January 26, 2017
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Gay Indian pow-wow dance. Involves animal rape and drunken squaws.
"Eh! Cheif FlowingWater, lets goto da Potlatch!"
by BakedGoods February 11, 2003
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