Used in the South as a euphemism for fried grasshopper, sweet potato fries can be found from Alabama to Florida and are considered a local delicacy.
Man I gotta find my bug-catching net and head out to the garden because tonight we're having sweet potato fries!
by katooshka March 3, 2009
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Potato with Fried Pen refers to a humorous concept often used to depict an unconventional combination or an absurd situation. This whimsical phrase, originating from online communities and social media platforms, has gained popularity as a lighthearted way to describe an unusual pairing or an unexpected scenario involving contrasting elements.

"potato with fried pen" metaphorically represents the juxtaposition of two unrelated objects, emphasizing the comical or nonsensical nature of the combination. It serves as a creative expression to depict the collision of the mundane (potato) and the unexpected (fried pen) in a whimsical manner.

The symbolism behind the potato and fried pen pairing is open to interpretation. Some suggest that the potato represents simplicity, while the fried pen symbolizes complexity or uniqueness. Others see it as a playful reference to the absurdity of everyday life and the unexpected connections that can arise.

This phrase has found resonance in internet culture, often used in memes, humorous illustrations, or as a caption for unusual images. It has become a lighthearted way to celebrate the imaginative and unexpected aspects of creativity and humor.

The concept of a potato with a fried pen has inspired various creative works, including comedic sketches, artwork, and even short stories. Its popularity on social media platforms has led to the creation of online communities and hashtags dedicated to sharing humorous or unconventional combinations.
“why does you dad always walk backwards down the stairs
potato with fried pen” instead of “idk it makes no sense
by Okioriko July 15, 2023
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A potato that got physical abuse from an obese chef and they fry the potato.
I see a fried potato.
by Potatows December 3, 2016
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The most delicious food you will ever eat.
Niels: Yo do they have any fried potatoes here?
Will: You mean fries or what bitch?
by nielsfage September 6, 2018
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Kentucky fried potato: Average roblox enjoyer. People like this will declare bankruptcy to get their grubby hands on more robux.
Kentucky fried potato
Why did my credit card default? Kentucky spent all my money on the new roblox game Criminality!!!!
by bestrustkiller2020 December 2, 2021
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The biggest badass that ever lived. Works at the Lambert's cafe in the Gulf Shores area. Always triumphs over Okra guy.
Will fight Okra guy for 20 dollars.
Person 1: Hey look! It's fried potatoe guy!

Person 2: What's so great about that guy?

Person 1: He serves fucking fried potatoes!!!

Person 2: What about Okra guy?

Person 1: Fuck that guy! This is fried potatoe territory! Don't even get me started on that bitch Maccoroni and Tomatoe woman.

Peter Pan guy: You forgot your food! *Skips away with his animals friends*
by Lavigne246 May 31, 2009
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The best freaking food made by man. These delectable appetizers are, like, seriously eaten by God.
person hi God, what are those things?
God well they are onion fried potatoes
(at which point you hear angels singing)
person O MY GOODNESS!!! gimme some!!
God never!!
by Caitlin (MT) June 23, 2008
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