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Sexual or intimate actions done after sex or after orgasm of one or both partners(or more if you are so inclined)to either create a nice sexual climate or to keep the sexual vibes flowing. kissing..touching lots of body contact aromas and just swapping endorphins.
"last night was a great example of what good post play is about,, I didn't want it to end..
by DaynaS March 06, 2009
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It's like foreplay but you do it after you bust a nut. Typically done by males because they performed poorly in bed and want to make sure the other party is sexually satisfied.
guy1: i busted early :(
guy2: did you postplay that son?
guy1: hell ya otherwise she'd be all hot and bothered
guy2: rad, high five
by rabangladesh February 22, 2011
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We were so horney there was no time for fore play before sex, so we decided to have post play after sex!
by Tom Wisnieski March 06, 2008
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