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The coolest person to ever walk on planet Earth.
Richard: Look at this dude. He's so rich, good-looking and funny.
Richard2 : He must be a Matija.
by Waporize May 22, 2018
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1. Makes beautiful babies 2. Tall, and has a nice ass 3. Loyal to friends, and treats them as family (somewhat) 4. Stubborn, aggressive, bad temper, and a little attitude problem. 5. Color Orange is the color of Matija. 6. A pain in the ass, but people still love her. 7. Always willing to fight. 8. Loves the liquor 9. Great in bed.
Wow, you just pulled a Matija
by Booger22 February 03, 2010
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A person who usally has a smile on their face. Can be shy and very self-concience, but usally very pretty inside and out. Tends to have lots of different friends, not just one and likes to laugh alot of the time. Usally very nice to everyone, unless that person has been mean to them or one of their friends. Experiences lots of "blond moments", but is also extremly smart when it comes to school subjects. Sometimes they will get pissed off or have a bad day but mostly they are a very nice person to be around.
"look at that nice girl, she must be a Matija"
"wow, that girl over there is a Matija... she's acting very shy and seems pissed off"
"My best friend acts like a Matija"
by inkreader May 04, 2010
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