Another gay instant messenger abbreviation created by losers with no life. Means "parent over shoulder." Used to tell the other person that your mom/dad is looking so don't type anything you wouldn't want them to see.
ChEeRcHiCk289: omg lyk u no who is lyk so hott?
SeXiPriNcEsS542: pos
ChEeRcHiCk289: um....what is our math homework
SeXiPriNcEsS: ok he left
ChEeRcHiCk289: oMg! josh is soOo hott and i gave him head yesterday because im a slutty little cheerleader!
by Asshole November 08, 2003
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piece of shit, used in place of the word Boss cleverly slipped in a sentence
phew it has been a long day hey boss you got my pay

boss yep here it is

thanks Pos have a good day
by slick over weight willy October 04, 2013
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Puddle of Semen
"Look at that huge pos on the floor!"

"Ha, ew dude."
by PPL. (: November 09, 2011
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Post Orgasmic Stupidity. It's when you just had sex and whatever you say you end up feeling like a total idiot because you know none of it makes any sense and you just sound like a retard.
Girl 1: Omg last night I was having the WORST POS...I must have seemed so stupid.
Girl 2: I hate when that happens...
by awesomekidd March 14, 2008
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Piece of slushee

-Fetus Tyler Joseph skit

*this is a joke*
'Hey, can I have a pos?'

'You know, piece of shlushee'

'You can't go around saying that one'
by •.•.•. June 29, 2017
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pronounced poss. an acronym for Piece Of Shit.
"he is such a POS"
by Thrillho1888 January 12, 2017
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Acronym for several phrases:
1) Piece Of Shit - A worthless person. Someone who doesn't even deserve the title of "asshole".
2) Parent Over Shoulder - Used to let another person know not to say anything incriminating because a parent is watching/listening to the conversation.
3) Point Of Sale - Term used to describe a cash-register or other equipment designed for retail store checkout.
1) The mother that got caught giving her teenage daughter heroin is a POS.
2) I can't wait to.... (parent enters room) POS

(parent leaves) .... fuck the shit outta you tonight.
3) Use the POS terminal to complete the transaction so the sale will be reflected in our inventory.
by someonestolemyavatar November 22, 2015
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A term that Gamers often use as Parent.Over.Shoulder so that the people you are playing with know that there's a mom or dad over a fellow Gamer's shoulder.
Mom - "honey do you want some popcor-"
"what are you playing now,Call of cutie?"
"Galactic ...Shark....who is Galactic shark huny buny"
Gamer - "Gentlemen we have a P.O.S. on our hands"
Mom- "honey Whats a P.O.S. ?, Is it an internet meanie?"
Gamer - "Yeah mom(lied)
by awsomness405 February 18, 2015
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