Another gay instant messenger abbreviation created by losers with no life. Means "parent over shoulder." Used to tell the other person that your mom/dad is looking so don't type anything you wouldn't want them to see.
ChEeRcHiCk289: omg lyk u no who is lyk so hott?
SeXiPriNcEsS542: pos
ChEeRcHiCk289: um....what is our math homework
SeXiPriNcEsS: ok he left
ChEeRcHiCk289: oMg! josh is soOo hott and i gave him head yesterday because im a slutty little cheerleader!
by Asshole November 08, 2003
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Piece of shit, commonly used to describe assholes or to cassually make fun of someone.
Ben your a POS, you got with my sister.

Yo tav, waddup POS
by neegus October 17, 2011
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Annoying person who builds teepees and plays with a boomerang, he also has a smelly hat.
Listen here you little turd pos if you do that one more time im gonna break your arm off!
by Come at me bro,you wont do oaj August 11, 2011
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Parent Over Shoulder
Friend 1: Wel dats a loada shiz!
Friend 2: POS!
Friend 1: Did we have any maths homework today?
by soapy17 December 02, 2010
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Short for " piece of shit "
Man, my cars a real POS
by Baconatorrr August 19, 2009
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When used on Instant Messaging, It stands for Parent Over Shoulder. Code white is a synonym.
"man, that guy is such a son of a--"
"Dude P O S!"
"ok. shutting up."
by PJPuffinFresh January 02, 2008
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short hand for positive.
bitch#1 - my swab came back pos.

bitch#2- you pos?
by Kate Rose December 27, 2006
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