The act of putting all of the porn on your hard drive into specific folders to make finding the needed genre easier when you are ready to jack off.
John took some time to pornagize his hard drive. All of the ass pics are in the ASS folder, the double penetration pics are in the DP folder... He is good!
by Scorponic July 22, 2008
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The disbelief and utter sexual frustration when having smart peers in a class.
Ex. Viraj had pornage when he walked into his entrepreneurship class. All the girls were smarter than him.
by virajisicky November 21, 2010
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Person living in the age of porn. Since the introduction of the smartphone in 2008, pornography has become readily available via the internet and all of the mobile devices. Living in this era, the population has unlimited access to porn 24/7. This is unlike any previous time in history.
Pornagers do not need to buy a magazine at an adult store to see porn, they can just search for it on their smartphone.
by Likesalt September 04, 2017
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