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A popular furry or wanting to be a popular furry
Buddy wants to be popufur
by Anna Snowapple September 20, 2016
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craves attention, has severe narcissism. Zero talent, but by some miracle, puts on a costume made of secondhand stuffed animals, men in their 30's are entertained by their ability to move around to dubstep.
despite how mediocre and cringy they look to actually talented artists their fans are too slow to pick up on how pathetic and untalented the popufur is. Their idolizing fans will never will stop white-knighting them because there brains are not mentally capable of having their thought processes challenged.

furries are not retarded social outcasts but on 20 maybe 30 percent of them
the popufurs attended anthrocon
by andrew muscel November 09, 2014
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