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Poorly made moonshine that causes a severe headache, or any cheap, low-grade booze or rotgut that makes you sick the next day.
"Damn, I think my head's going to explode. That's what I get for drinking that popskull."
by Rob November 19, 2003
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(N): A term coined in the prohibition era,(1920's) used to describe really bad or cheap moonshine whiskey.
Originating from the fact that really crappy booze would give you such a hangover that you think your brain was going to swell up and pop your skull open.

This cheap buzz juice was often poured into a bathtube with fruit juices to mask it's horrible taste. The use of "mixers" with rotten booze is the origination of todays cocktail beverages.

During this time there were models of vehicles that used ethel-alcohol in their radiators as a coolant. Many cases are on report of "down on their luck folk" draining and drinking this nonpotable fluid. Being not the same chemical formula as comsumable intoxicants, these people often sustained major internal injury. Gastric problems, blindness, heart failure, brain damage, and extreme inflamation of the circulatory system being key results of injestion. And yes , it can kill ya' too!

Also latter when "Moon shining" became more abundant, one of the ways to transport illegel alchohol was to pour the "shine" in the radiator, drive to the delivery point, drain the booze and replace it with regular coolant. Then the shine runners (early origins of NASCAR racing) collected their cash, went home and poisoned loads of people with the now polluted booze they just delivered. YeeeeeHaaaaaawww!!!!
"Hey bar tender! Give me a belt of that good star bottle you got hid under the counter. I ain't want'n non of that POPSKULL garbage you serve to the regular cheeple!"
by armoroid 5000 July 20, 2009
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