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Describes many third-person console shooters where the gameplay is all about sitting behind some brick and shooting heads of enemies popping out from behind other bricks - one of the ways to cover up the inability to dodge and do precise shots fast with a gamepad. Very similar to pop-a-mole or a whack-a-mole game hence the term.
First appeared in Kill-Switch and was copied in many games since then.
"Wow shooting people in Mass Effect, Gears of War and GTA4 feels like popamole!"
by smugbird April 15, 2010
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Console shit, banal shit boring ect. Mostly any game made after 2000. The actual date when games became "Popamole" is arguable.
by E_O April 13, 2010
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Popamole: A word used by people of RPG Codex when talking about any game not made in the Infinity Engine.

Characterized as a game that doesn't have a clunky interface, and design bugs.
RPG Codex Member: I'm tired of this Popamole shit!
Non RPG Codex Member: Have you honestly played any game post Black Isle? Stop living in the past, and move on.
by Woogy March 21, 2013
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