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this is the same like the word "chalga",but in use from elite models and fat businessmen.
pop-folk music ... or chalga music .. music that is hearing by low inteligent people in Bulgaria..
by fire April 11, 2005
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This is the same as Chalga. It means very good bulgarian music which is only for intelligent people. Most of the lyrycs of pop folk songs are about love.
Preslava - Gorchivi spomeni

I love you understand
that is my VINA
don`t say anything shutup
I understand all alone
when the night is over
I will go home alone.
by Stanislav April 28, 2005
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buy the domain for your foodie site
different (modern) name for Chalga
What do you say about we get drunk
and destroy all stupid stereotypes
ooOo to get mad this night oOooOo

(later in the song)

take me to a a residential district pub
Order and drik, make a fight for me
every body to curse us
to jealous of our kisses
drive crasy on red light
make something wuld, unusual dor me
ooOOoo to be mad this night ooooOooOOoO

(ivana - something untypical)
by dmtk April 11, 2005
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The best music ever. The tackt is 7/8.
95 % of the people on Balcan peninsula like it.
In Bulgaria most people deny it, but the they listen to it in secret.
The lyrics are very valuable.
Napipaj gooo! V racete tvoi da ...
by niki April 07, 2005
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