When attempting to fuck a fat girl on her back, you've "popped the hood" when you lift up her gut in order give your dick access to her vagina.
'She really wants you, dude'
'Ugh, she could play offensive line for the Browns. But I need to fuck something tonight."
"Dude, pop the hood."
by 10iron February 28, 2016
when someones trynna show up, or trynna tell you something you say "pop the hood" as in "show me what you got"
"if she has a problem then she can show up and pop the hood"
by priderock4lyf October 28, 2019
phrase that means you want someone to flash her breasts.

When you say this, it says that you're in the mood to see some boobs.
"Pop the hood for me baby n' let me see some!"

"oh man, that slut be poppin' the hood for every guy at that table."
by benbot87 November 28, 2007
When a male with an uncircumcised penis jerks himself off he is popping the hood.
Jd was popping the hood last night to a picture of two black guys kissing.
by Shoe man November 6, 2020