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a person, usually a man, who befriends someone just to obtain and continuosly drink the friend's free alcohol.

someone who is your friend, but is your friend just so he can get free booze off of you.
"you're such a moozer! You drank all the damn liquoir"
by benbot87 January 8, 2007
term meaning that you are going to (hopefully!) get laid by a hot ho or bitch tonite.

originates from men sneeking out of their house to go to a hotel room to "meet" a hooker to have sex.
guy 1 "Im goin three doors down tonite woth that hot babe!"

guy 2 "Damn! I hope she plays it gentle with your package!"
by benbot87 January 31, 2007
one of the best rock bands in the 80's. they were one of the defining rock acts of the era. The guitarists in this band are fucking amazing. Other artists in this era include van halen def leppard poison whitesnake If u dont like Great White, then u are either a hipster who listens to indie rock shit, or a wangsta that listens to rap.

The band lost its guitarist on February 20, 2003 when a fire broke out in the Rhode Island nightclub they were playing in. Besides the guitarist, 100 other people lost their lives listening to the great music Great White created.

Some of their songs include "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" "Call It Rock And Roll" "The Angel Song" "Rock Me" "Save All Yor Love"

man 1- "Great White is a real good band, eh?"

man 2- (headphones on)"You didn't know that rock-n-roll burned So you bought a candle and you lived and you learned
You got the rhythm, you got the speed
Mama's little baby likes it short and sweet "
by benbot87 January 31, 2007
the south side of Pittsburgh ,Pa, where all the bars and restaraunts are at. where everyone in Pittsburgh goes to get drunk and watch football in a crowded bar.

one of the most vibrant and intersting neighborhoods in the city.
hey man. I was down in the southside yesterday with my girl goin' bar hopping, and we ended up passing out on east carson st.
by benbot87 January 26, 2007
the white mexican gang in GTA San Andreas. The enemy of the grove street families. Referring to a whites/mexicans in a gang that wants it all.
yo, homie! Them Vargos playas'just popped that black nigga for a slice of them drugs!
by benbot87 August 18, 2006
phrase that means you want someone to flash her breasts.

When you say this, it says that you're in the mood to see some boobs.
"Pop the hood for me baby n' let me see some!"

"oh man, that slut be poppin' the hood for every guy at that table."
by benbot87 November 28, 2007
a really shitty hooker who can't do good dick sucking even if her life depended on it An ugly ho that wants to pleasure you, but she is so ugly and does it so shitty that she cant keep your dick hard, and you then pay her to leave you that instant and never do it again.

a whore you pay $500 to get pleasure from, but the most you get out of her is a penis that hurts for days because she used her teeth the whole time.
man 1 hey, b. look at that ho-bo ova there.

man 2. i see her. she be hittin everyone up on the block, but that ho-bo be best for the nerd who dont know real pleasure.
by benbot87 January 26, 2007