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An anal opening, a butt hole. May be used as an insult.
Ugh, Joe, stop being such a pooz!

Uh oh.. my pooz has a burning sensation.
by Misses Fabbo June 23, 2003
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The gravy-like substance most often found in diarrhea.
I'm not feeling so good; I had some nasty pooz flowing today.

Timothy realized the runs were near when the pooz began dribbling out of his asshole.
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Short for Lollapalooza, a popular music festival that takes every summer in Chicago.
Are you going to the 'pooz this year?

Man, the Pooz has a lot of really great bands this year.
by BLBLBL2000 July 19, 2010
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It is essentially a belly. Like a baby has pooz because it is fat. Can be used to describe adult and/or child fat.

It also can be used as a verb, it can be a state of being, meaning you feel very lazy and/or full because your belly is big.
"My pooz is so big I ate so much pizza."

"I'm just poozin' around on the couch. I can't move"
by r_m-b_m March 09, 2017
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The female sex organ or simply pussy.

Another way of saying pussy so people don't know what your talking about.
Man, I want some pooz!
by kees commander April 24, 2004
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