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Poorgeoisie is referred to a group of people, usually in their 20's, who comes from a good strong middle class family, but claims to be poor and roughly on their own. willing to spend money on high end restaurants and other lifestyle luxuries but refuses take care of their personal hygiene. Most of them don't believe it's important to be so superficial so they usually don't wash their clothes, bathe, or brush their hair. So instead they spend their money on food, movies, concerts, and other lifestyle luxuries. Very similar to Hipsters but not as pretentious.
Casy: What are those girls doing at that restaurant? They look like they can't even afford it.

Julie: Oh, those girls are poorgeoisie. They only spend their money on lifestyle luxuries such as museums and food. They don't believe that you should pay attention to superficial things like clothes or hygiene.

Casy: ok, so "bourgeoisie" but more on a "i just got out of college and am poor" level, but they aren't really poor?

Julie: yeah, a less pretentious hipster.
by corben rouxmar July 16, 2009
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The 21st Century yuppie is a new breed of socially mobile pauper. They have all the trappings of the classic 80s yuppie with the purchases of useless electronics, expensive cocktails and shit drugs but they're doing it from a shitty council house in Hackney rather than a penthouse suite.

Look at that poorgeoisie wanker checking his iPad in Costcutter.
by tonyadams December 17, 2014
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A fashion/lifestyle trend that originated in the USA, mainly in New York City (although one can see it anywhere).

Basically, when the economy tanked, many affluent people felt guilty about their overtly rich lifestyle. So, they still spend money like it's going out of style, but in order to look like a starving artist. It's easy to think the poorgeoisie resemble hipsters.
Keep the five o'clock shadow & loose the suit. Ditch the Lexus/BMW & ride public transit while listening to music on your iPhone. Instead of a polo, wear a guayabera shirt. Scuff up your white trainers. Never talk about your high paying job. No one can blame you for the second great depression now, you poorgeoisie entrepreneur/banker.
by /_7 July 15, 2009
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