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The 21st Century yuppie is a new breed of socially mobile pauper. They have all the trappings of the classic 80s yuppie with the purchases of useless electronics, expensive cocktails and shit drugs but they're doing it from a shitty council house in Hackney rather than a penthouse suite.

Look at that poorgeoisie wanker checking his iPad in Costcutter.
by tonyadams December 17, 2014

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A phrase originating from working in an office and having awesome secret things under the desk.

This may relate to an awesome secret boner from every time Anita from accounts walks past, shaking her tatas.

This may relate to your awesome secret stash of porn that you look at when you should be doing your homework.

Either way, the phrase "Under The Desk" relates to something that is undoubtedly awesome but not many people know about it so is secret.

Awesome and secret.
Have you heard the new album from that new band from Shoreditch? It's totally under the desk!

Yeah man, your new tailor made trainers are well under the desk!

Carla has awesome BJ technique. It's so far under the desk. Literally. Who knew?!
by tonyadams September 10, 2010

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