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A middle school in medford,Ny that can't afford anything.
Guy 1: Hey did your school pass their budget.

Guy 2: Nah, I go to pooregon.
by B.A.S Jackson April 13, 2012
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The monetary condition of living in the US State of Oregon due to high taxes, food and property costs. Usually characterized by not having much money at the end of the day, but having abundant pedestrian walkways and crosswalks to take you to a really clean park that you can go smell the roses and cry in.
Person: Hey! I heard you got a new job and moved out to Oregon.

ME: Yeah, I sure did! Things are looking up for me.
Person: You think you could send me some cool Oregon shit?
ME: Nah, man. Can't afford it. Oregon got me pooregon.
by CrackA'Rat June 03, 2017
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