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1) A firm, almost unbreakable piece of dung, or 2) A derogatory term used to put-down friends, siblings, or strangers.
"I just laid down a serious poop log. I would guess it was about a 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness."

"Mom, Harper just called me a poop log. I think she's a poop log."
by Crossonian January 02, 2009
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a piece of poop resembling a wooden log.

not diarrhaea.

long solid mass of feces.

Justin shit out an unbelievable poop log.

Eric had a hard time pushing out the poop log.
by Pedro2 March 14, 2007
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What a sane person uses to record his bowel movements in order to ensure digestive health.
Whenever I have a soggy #2, I record it in my poop log.
by drzimo March 23, 2010
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